With liberty and justice for all

Regardless of your ethnicity or skin color. We as human beings should feel obligated to to act as such. Each society has its own; values, morals, code of conduct, ect. In our country we have chosen to live by the slogan, “Liberty and justice for all”. With the rise of social media and accesability to true events in real time as they unfold you would think a change would be brought about or at least in the making. Time and time again we witness cops killing unarmed and sometimes armed black men.  In most cases weather the victim was armed or not the shooting was unjustified. Liberty means the state of being free within society from oppressive restrictions imposed by authority on one’s way of life, behavior, or political views. Justice means just behavior or treatment. If a man of color is not privy to the same liberties as a man whom lacks color are we really honoring the above slogan. In over ninety eight percent the cases the perpetrator is found not guilty. Is justice afforded to the victims or their families. If we meaning society as a whole do absolutely nothing we should feel just as guilty as the murderer. I am not writing this to create a divide but more as a cry for unity. White America should be just as vigilant as the minorities if change is to be brought about. With that said as an American/Human get on your job. Live and let live or do nothing and LIVE AND LET DIE.

Be Aware

Hand holding a Social Media 3d Sphere
Hand holding a Social Media 3d Sphere sign on white background.

Social media to some people may be the greatest thing since sliced bread. In a world when sending your kids outside to play, you may run the risk of of not having them return. Having the comfort of knowing that you can have your children at home on their laptops or i pads or many other outlets to access the web may seem comforting, this is true to an extent. As much as I would like to think that my children are more safe on their phones or on social sites like Facebook, this is not always the case. This world is ever evolving which also ushers in a new wave of criminals and predators. The same deviant minds that stalked adults and children alike are as active as ever, if not more so now. They have just found different avenues to do so. They are using the internet as a tool to lure children away from their homes by posing as children offering comforts such as relationships and drugs. Adults are having their identity stolen and having their credit shred to bits by scam/con artist. There is not a sure fire way to protect ones self from the dangers that may be offered to us in life right now but we can take certain measures to minimize the risk. Parents need to scrutinize their children’s social media involvement with a fine tooth comb. Adults should go the extra step and install spyware and make sure you are only shopping on sites that are or paying bills on secured sites. The world is ever evolving but we can do our best to secure our future with the time changes.

Just A Thought


To be quite honest, I think that the gift of life is being taken for granted by humans to the point that we are being disrespectful to the Most High. We have been afforded an opportunity to live. Not just exist, but to live. We are blessed with a thought process that allows us the unique ability to decide day to day. Animals are blessed with life as well but they survive strictly off of instinct. Humans on the other hand have the ability to reason and figure things out for themselves but we misuse this gift so often that it is way past redundant.

Example: Artist such as rappers and singers are blessed with the gift of being able to communicate to the masses with their talents. You would think that being blessed with the gift of charisma would awaken your conscious thus leaving you compelled to utilize your talents to make a difference in the world. The impact that you leave on a child may be the boost that a child needs to become the next Martin Luther King or  Mahatma Gandhi.

As long as we continue to take this gift of life for granted we can always expect the same outcome that we have been getting. There is a saying that states, you reap what you sow. For as long as I have been alive I have given and received death. I was misusing the gift of life and the outcome was just, I put in little and as a reward I got back less. Search for your purpose and then work hard to fulfill that purpose and we will start seeing the fruits of our labor. The ending result will be our children’s children having a long prosperous life without all of the BS that our children are going through now. Just a thought.

Forbidden Fruit

the_forbidden_fruit_i_by_hhisimAnd you might just be the one. At least that’s what I keep telling myself, despite the pain that you cause  me on a daily basis. Though we have good times they always seem to be overshadowed by the bad but I keep telling myself that you might just be the one. Am I silly for this? Who knows? What I do know is that forbidden fruit wears that label for a reason. Nothing good can come from instant gratification when it comes at a cost. To be so inconsiderate to everyone else and chase after ones lusty desires is pretty selfish. The problem with giving in to temptation is that once you reach that euphoric feeling, the brain is tricked into believing that you need this same taboo sensation to be happy. If at all possible, learn to show restraint. At the end of the day, this is completely possible. To deny yourself what you may deem pleasure will only build up your self esteem, allowing you to grow as a person. It will allow you to develop into the king/queen that you were meant to be. If you can read between the lines you might be able to apply this to any situation that you come across that may have the possibility of hindering your growth. I think it’s about time that I take my own advice. You might just be the one but I will just have to take that chance and step out on the limb and say to myself I think not.

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True love


True love…My grandmother was a savior to many in my eyes. She loved with more than her heart. She also loved with her soul. While I was still a baby my father her son became addicted to drugs. I am not sure what he was addicted to but I can imagine it was crack or coke since those were the choice drugs of his generation. His addiction led to him being deported from America back to Jamaica while I was still a baby. For as long as I can remember my grandmother would pray for my father several times a day with hopes that he would be delivered from the disease of addiction while she was still alive. Her prayers were not in vain. My grandmother supported my father in every way possible during her life. Some would go as far to say that her love a had border line crippling affect on him. About a year and a half ago my father called my grandmother and said that he gotten run over by a car. My assumption is that it was a result of an unpaid debt for drugs. During his healing time which really became a healing time beyond my comprehension my father began to establish a relationship with one of my grandmothers good friends. My grandmothers friend told my father that my grandmother would talk to him everyday about my father. He told my father that if he wanted to be delivered he could be. My father started undergoing a change during this time period. He began to learn how to love his self since he was by his self through out most of this ordeal. Here in America my grandmother and I would have conversations about Winston Rattray, (my father, her son). I would say,” grandma why do you continue to send him money knowing he is only going to use drugs.” Her reply would be. “Javar, my son did not ask to come to this world and my job as his mother is to raise that child and take care of him until he can do it for himself.” That went over my head at times but in some ways i understood. During the time my father was going through his transformation and healing process my grandmother started going through physical ailments that I wanted to pass of as her age catching up to her. This was not the case after several hospital stays and numerous doctors visits it was revealed that my grandmother had ovarian cancer. Ovarian cancer is nothing to play with when detected early. My grandmothers case was extra sensitive. By the time she was diagnosed it was revealed to use that the cancer had gone undetected for so long that he body was being taken over by tumors. She found that she had stage 4 cancer and 2 months to live at the same time. Through all this I never saw my grandmother cry and she never lost faith. She continued to pray for my father and never lost faith that her prayers that my father would be delivered before she left this earth. Her prayers would not go unanswered. My grandmothers friend whom my father started getting to know was none other than the Son of our Father who choose to introduce Himself to my father when my grandmother needed it to happen most. My father is now a deacon of his church in Jamaica and I hope he has turned into that prayer warrior that my grandmother was for her entire life. This situation has bought me an understanding the old adage,”He may not come when you call but hes always on time.” Violet Salomon had a love for her son that would not quit. A love that stood the test of time. I am fortunate enough to say before one life was lost another began and what she thought was her purpose in life was fulfilled. I do not know my father and might not ever have a chance to know him but I can say just for the change he underwent when my grandmother needed it most I love this man. I pray that one day my father and I will have a relationship his addiction never allowed us to have but even if it does not I am blessed enough to have had a grandmother and have a mother who have showed me an undying love. That is a love that will not and cannot be taken away. A true love.

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Good Music

Artist-Bizzle3So as of late I have been trying to make the transition from listening to gangsta/trap music to a more of conscious/spiritual type of music. There are several artist that I have found that actually maintain a level of complexity with their wordplay without sounding lame or watered down. One reason I have not been able to make this transition in the past is because I was just too damn lazy. Never wanting to take the time to go out and venture the unknown. This left me and my children at the disposal of the best of the worst that the radio had to offer. I am not here to call these artist out by name, but if you listen to mainstream music then you and your children are probably victims of the same; ear torture, brain washing, feel good on your daily commute. With hopes of finding an artist that doesn’t tell my 12 and 8 year old boys pop bottles and guns like there is no tomorrow. I went to youtube and searched Christian Rap. The first artist with music that caught my ear was Bizzle. Bizzle delivers a positive message with the same wittiness as a Kendrick or a Big Sean. When he has artist feature on his song they are just as much of attention grabbers as Bizzle himself. Positive music with the mass appeal is here and we need to embrace it to give our children different prospective of music. A type of music that promotes self respect. Weather we choose to admit it or not the music we listen to programs us in some shape or form. You can get that life or you can get that death. As for me and mine we are going to rock out to that real life music. Bizzle